Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday's Blog on Blogging

It's Tuesday again. That means we step back from what we're doing here in Blogopolis and reflect on it.

Two weeks ago today the dialogue I posted (here) received lots of traffic and positive comments (more off the official site than on). Several of these insinuated that it was a nice piece of creative writing--probably conditioned to think in such ways from some familiarity with the genre over on ABUNCHALIES. However, the only accolades I should receive for the posting should fall along the following lines: "Your typing is very accurate." or "You really transcribed well!" For in truth, the dialogue was almost entirely exactly as it took place in real life. This might suggest one of a couple of things:

1. The Stimp household sounds like a lot of fun.
2. The best blog postings are really shows about nothing.

There have been several times since that posting that something very normal happens and one of us (in our best George Costanza accent) says, "There's a blog." I suppose that would get pretty old after a while.
I read about an Arabic guy out east somewhere who was arrested as a terrorist suspect; he was innocent, but to continue proving his innocence he has started logging everything that he does for the public to see. He keeps a gps on him transmitting to his website so you can always know where he is, he logs all of his financial transactions, etc. This is interesting for about 2 minutes.
In graduate school in an ethics class I remember a discussion about virtual reality machines and whether people would choose to hook themselves up completely to an alternative reality if given the chance (yes, philosophy graduate students really talk about such things). I argued that many would--after all, that's what TV and the lottery is to some extent--but only if it gave them a significantly different life than they currently had. The point was that people would prefer "real" life to virtual life if the quality of those lives was equal.
I guess the relevant point here is that blogging about nothing might be cute and funny once in a while, but no one really wants a steady diet of your normal life. Just give us the good stuff.

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D.C. Cramer said...

could we coin the term hyper-reality? as in, that seinfeld-esque kind of blog-about-nothing that's about a whole lot of something.