Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jamaican me crazy, mon

Tonight my son Casey and I leave for the land of reggae, Red Stripe, and 100m sprinters. I'm speaking at the Jamaica Theological Seminary commencement ceremony on Saturday and at a church in Mandeville on Sunday.

My wife and I decided that I'd try to take one of the sons (not sexist: we have no daughters) along with me when I go on trips like these, so they can start to experience more of the world first-hand. This is an especially significant sacrifice for her this time as we'll be missing her birthday on Sunday. We'll try to bring back something good!


Dan Weiss said...

Of the three things you mentioned, I'd say you should probably bring back some reggae music. You can get Red Stripe here and sprinters are hard to catch!

RCP said...

Jerk pork and festival.

D.C. Cramer said...

Forget Red Stripe. You need to try Ting! you can't get it here (as far as I know) and you can drink it without breaking any Bethel covenants. Pure citrus goodness.