Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday's Blog on Blogging

A conversation between two sitting at the table and one in the adjacent room (only the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Mr. Stimp: Do you have any ideas for my Tuesday's Blog on Blogging?

Stimp Jr: What is your Blog on Blogging about?

Mr. Stimp: It is where I write a blog entry about writing blogs. It is my most popular posting of the week, but I'm not sure what else to say about it.

Stimp Jr: Just say you don't know what else to say about it.

Mr. Stimp: I already did that once.

Mrs. Stimp: [overhearing, laughs from other room]

Mr. Stimp: [to other room]: What do you think?

Mrs. Stimp: I think it's funny.

Mr. Stimp: Can I quote you on that?

Mrs. Stimp: Yes.

Mr. Stimp: Are you serious?

Mrs. Stimp: Yes... but why would you want to?

Mr. Stimp: Because that would be funny.

Mrs. Stimp: I don't understand why anyone would want to read that I think it's funny or that I washed the car today or that I did anything else today. Why do we just put boring things out there for everyone to read? Seriously, what is the point?

Mr. Stimp: Ummm.... you should read Derry's Philosophy of Blogging. It has five parts. It's really quite good.

Mrs. Stimp: I don't have time to read Derry's five part philosophy of blogging. I have to go put the laundry away. [exits]

Mr. Stimp: This is going to make a cool blog entry for today.

Stimp Jr: Yah. Cool. I'm going to go take a shower. Can you cut my hair?

[Some minutes pass. Mr. and Mrs. Stimp meet at the bottom of the stairs.]

Mrs. Stimp: So I was thinking while putting the laundry away that maybe conceptual, academic types are more into blogging, because they spend their day immersing themselves in the realm of ideas and reading lots of words. But for someone like me who is busy doing things, if I'm going to make the effort to sit down and read something, I'd like for there to be some substance.

Mr. Stimp: Yes. I think you're right.

Mrs. Stimp: Do you know what I mean? I don't want to make the time to read a blog and then just hear that someone washed his dog today.

Mr. Stimp: This is great. I need to go downstairs and type it before I forget it.

Mrs. Stimp: I reserve the right to edit or veto.

Mr. Stimp: OK. You'll come out looking like the sane one.

Mrs. Stimp: I'd better because I might be the only one.

Stimp Jr: [from upstairs]: Dad, I'm ready for you to cut my hair.

Mr. Stimp: OK, just a minute, I need to go write my blog.


derryprenkert said...

One of my more favorite blog posts ever read.

gwynethcolleenphotography said...

i'm greatly entertained. i hung out w/ a guy last night who reminded me exceedingly of you. like...you guys LOOK alike. he's a phd candidate at UNH...in writing. i had major block 4 flashbacks.

DS said...

Thanks for sharing the inner workings of the Stimp (or is it "Stimpsons"?)household. I realized that I have not washed, or had washed, either of our cars for over two years. Going for another 2.