Thursday, August 16, 2007


I mentioned I was a little disappointed with the seminars at Cornerstone this year (here). The first three I tried to go see, the speakers hadn't shown up yet. That kind of jaded me towards those speakers, and I didn't go back to try to see them later. I see now that was a mistake.

I get a podcast from Krista Tippett's "Speaking of Faith" radio show which airs on NPR (though not on our local NPR station--which is why I get the podcast). The show is very worthwhile listening, especially while out on long runs (very user-friendly instructions about how to subscribe to the podcast here). One of her recent shows was a conversation with Shane Claiborne, who was one of the late-comers to the Cornerstone seminar tents I missed. It was a pretty fascinating 53 minute conversation. I have a bit of a negative association with some of the celebrities in the emergent/missional movement for attitudinal reasons, but this guy is about as humble as they come. Very refreshing.

His words and life just drip with the Kingdom of God--a subject of near-future posts.


Kristy Mikel said...

Shane's heart is best seen through his book "Irresistible Revolution." If you haven't already read it, it's worth your time. I'm not quite finished with it, but it's been rocking my world & shaking me up.

andrew jones said...

shane rocks - i have known him since the 90's and he is very humble and cool. maybe next time????

Terry Linhart said...

To have the "Tall Skinny Kiwi" post a comment on your blog means you have made it into blog-dom. Andrew was one of the original blogsters to help grow the Emergent conversation. So, congrats, JB>

Shane is C. speaking at the YS convention in Atlanta this Fall.