Monday, August 13, 2007

Wonder of Nature

Over the weekend we got in one last summer fling--camping with our friends the Meisters. We went down to The Shades State Park in west-central Indiana and were totally awed by nature.

Yes, it was hot--probably too hot for tent camping and camp fires--but we enjoyed both nonetheless. A canoe trip down Sugar Creek (anybody else read the Sugar Creek Gang books when they were kids? Same Sugar Creek?) was great fun. Hiking in canyons (the likes of which I didn't know Indiana had) was unbelievable. Then it was a perfect midnight to view the meteor showers. The two couples cozied up on a blanket (girls in the middle) and saw a bunch of shooting stars. Evidently the best one of the night occurred while I was rubbing my eyes.

Other memorable moments included the Lego candy found at Wilson's market on 31 where everyone waited while Chad and I went in search of a new wheel for the broken down trailor ("It's all part of the camping experience"); poison ivy everywhere; listening to Captain Picard read The Last Battle while on the road; Chad's new hat.


Lisa Joy said...

We went camping with some close friends this weekend, too, but in southern Indiana at Lake Monroe. Wow, it was hot! We also saw the meteor showers and really enjoyed them. Despite the heat, it was really the perfect camping experience.

mateo632 said...

YES! i'm pretty sure that we read every sugar creek gang book that was published. my parents still have the whole set on a bookshelf at their house.

matt m