Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday's Blog on Blogging

So my plea for a carefully articulated philosophy of blogging has been heard! There's a very nice series going on over on Derry Prenkert's blog about this topic, beginning with this one. I expect that in the future, serious philosophy departments around the country will have specialists in the philosophy of blogging who point back to the Prenkert Series as the seminal work in the field. Seriously, it is worthwhile for both readers and writers of blogs to ponder what it is they're doing and why they're doing it.

But then, you probably know all about that series already, because it appears that nearly everyone who reads this blog is somehow connected to Derry's. It seems to be the case that Derry is a kind of godfather of blogging related to the web of linked sites in which we live and move and have our digital being: a good word from him and you'll get visitors; his shunning of your site would be its death knell. I appreciate the chance to ride his blogging coat tails.

Interesting name, Derry... the only other I know of is the guitar player and lead singer of my favorite band of all time: The Choir. His name is Derry Daugherty. I think his real name is Derald. Unfortunate name, Derald...


derryprenkert said...

Other fictitious Derrys of note:

The focal town in many of Stephen King's Novels ("It" and "The Tommyknockers" to name two) is called Derry.

In "The Outsiders" by E.H. Hinton also has a character named Darry(short for Darrel)... close enough pronunciation between the two. Coincidentally, Darry was played by Patrick Swayze... note the resemblance.

Derry, in my case, is short for nothing... fortunately.

derryprenkert said...

On another note concerning your musings on "unfortunate names"...

I'm reminded of my first memories of Jim Stump. I'm sitting in Senior Year experience as you are taking attendance. When you get to the "b"s, you call out the name "Nathan Butts".
He responds, "Here."
After a long pause you say, "Almost as unfortunate a last name as 'Stump'."
At that point, I look at Dan Weiss and say, "I think I'm going to like this class."

I'm not sure what this comment says about you or me and our sense of humor.

J. B. Stump said...

Of all the things you might have remembered from that class...

I don't think Nathan said another word after "here" that entire semester. Wonder why?

Rob said...

Love the Derald line...and I'm sure you are a fun prof to listen to...so don't worry, you'll get plenty more hits once your students get wind of your blog....I know I never missed a chance to suck up to a prof at TU...Ha!

Favorite all time Derry line:

(From someone in his fantasy baseball league's email..)

"If I don't like Derry, does that mean I'm lactose intolerant?"