Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday's Blog about Blogging

Communication 101 drills into you that the first rule in communicating is to know your audience. Blogging by its very nature renders that almost impossible. I tried to do something about that.

Last week's blog about the blogging process yielded six people who revealed themselves from behind the mask of anonymity. How does that affect things? If I know who is out there, am I no longer blogging and now essentially writing letters to them?

I really want to be hip and with the times (though by using such a locution I probably render myself unfit for membership in the club), but I still would like to see a carefully articulated philosophy of blogging.


Bob Carder said...

Those who post anonymously can be friends in disguise or they may be cowards. I see no other reason for posting this way.

Even your friends should have more guts than that.

gwynethcolleenphotography said...

on my personal blog (not the one i'm logged in under), i write specifically to the people that i know read it regularly...i use it more as a means of keeping in touch...and, of course, the egocentered, "i'm going to write about whatever i feel like writing about. so there." and...i do, on occasion, start sentences w/ conjunctions and end sentences with prepositions. because following prescriptive grammar rules can be quite cumbersome sometimes. also, i occasionally employ literary license and use fragments. because i kind of like the short, punchy impact they make. k, i'm done.