Monday, August 6, 2007

I was thinking about Frank Peretti's novels (This Present Darkness, etc.) for some reason today (I think when mulling over the reality that there is a spiritual realm) and got chuckling a bit when I realized the eerie similarity with the movie, Monsters, Inc.

In the latter, the monsters in their alternate reality have to live on the power of screams that are collected from the regular world; in the former, the combatants in the spiritual warfare that is going on behind the scenes are buoyed and strengthened by the prayers that are offered in the regular world.

Something seems a little funny about that... We certainly need a way of articulating that reality of a spiritual realm and the fact that we can influence what is going on there (and vice versa); but we need to be careful not to reduce prayer to screams that can be collected and burned for fuel.

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Rob said...

You tied spiritual warfare into Monsters, Inc.? That's why I love reading your blog!

I agree, I think it's too easy to trivialize the real battle and cost of spiritual warfare...too often we think of the "devil on our shoulder" as a cartoon character and don't see it for what it truly is. As far as fiction on warfare goes, I think "Lord Foulgrin's Letters" by Randy Alcorn and the book that inspired it, "The Screwtape Letters" by CS Lewis do this best. Both are like reading the playbook for the opposition. I've always felt, if you don't believe the battle for your heart and soul are real, the enemy is well on its way to winning already.

Keep up the great blogging...