Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mindless Musing

Sorry things have been a little slow on Stump Speeches this week. I suppose we could make a ratio of what you have burning in your gut to say to how busy you are. Let's call it the blog-o index Then the higher your blog-o index on a particular day, the more likely you are to post an entry blog. My blog-o index has been pretty low lately.

I see, though, that with this posting I've just provided a counter-example to my own theory. Because I actually have quite a bit to do at the moment, and this isn't exactly a message burning in my gut...

I guess we could save the theory by adding another factor that takes into account the propensity we have for avoiding work by tricking ourselves into believing that we're doing something important by the mere fact of fingers striking keys... evidently I'm scoring pretty high on that count at the moment.

I feel a little bit like that song on the new Relient K disc that goes like this: "I've just wasted ten seconds of your life."

1 comment:

Dan Weiss said...

I'm a slow reader, so you actually wasted 35 seconds of my life!:)