Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Speed Blogging

I have several ideas of things to blog about in the future.  A couple of them are:  my recent viewing of the movies Argo and Skyfall; and I'd like to write one called, "Oh for Three at the BMV" about some of my recent frustrations with bureaucracy.  But writing those is going to take some time.  This week I'm kind of short on time.  So I'm going to fall back on a variation of an old trick: when you run out of things to write about, write about the fact that you don't have anything to write about.  I guess this version would be: when you don't have time to write about something interesting, write out quickly that you don't have time to write about anything interesting.  I'm also going for a record: how many sentences in a paragraph can use a colon?

In my former life as a blogger (which is somewhat distinct from current life as an occasional blogger), I had a weekly feature called "Tuesday's Blog on Blogging".  It was an attempt to think a bit about this medium that was then exploding onto the scene.  It gave rise to one of my favorite posts, when blogging imitates real life (or is it when real life imitates blogging?).  And it was influential in giving rise to this series on the Philosophy of Blogging by Derry Prenkert (one of Elkhart County's most popular bloggers--I'm assuming).

If you're interested in more up-to-date blogging information, this post from the Unequally Yoked blog has some helpful advice (and some good blogging cartoons).

If I can successfully disentangle myself from the red tape that hinders and so easily entangles, I'll be back with something more interesting.

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