Monday, March 12, 2012

Philosophy Lecture Series

For about ten years now, my department has sponsored an annual Philosophy Lecture Series.  We keep waiting for someone to give us a boatload of money as an endowment so that it might have a more honorific sounding title (like the Gifford Lectures in Scotland or the Terry Lectures at Yale).  But so far they are just the Philosophy Lectures.  Even so, we've been able to attract some pretty big names, including Dallas Willard, Richard Swinburne, Alvin Plantinga, and Eleonore Stump (no relation, sadly).  Find a link to our series here.

This year's lectures are this week and feature the renowned evangelical philosopher, J.P. Moreland.  We expect that he'll be a pretty good fit for our student body, so we've expanded things to include a couple of chapel services, vespers, and a public lecture on Thursday night.  Moreland has been one of the big forces behind a resurgence in evangelicals studying philosophy, particularly at his Talbot School of Theology where they offer a seminary M.A. with an emphasis in philosophy.  Besides serious academic philosophy, he's written several more popular level books on the life of the mind and spiritual formation.  I commend them to you:  Love Your God with all Your Mind  (NavPress, 1997) and The Kingdom Triangle (Zondervan 2007).

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