Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not Quitting my Day Job. . . Yet

Tonight could signal the beginning of a new career for me.  I'll be appearing as the bass guitar player in a band called "All Aboard" in my fine institution's annual Battle of the Bands.  A couple of my freshman students from last semester put this band together and thought it might somehow distinguish them from their competitors if they enlisted the rusty talents of a bald, middle-aged philosophy professor on an instrument that mostly hides in the shadows and can't screw things up too badly.  Of course I enthusiastically agreed and have found this gig to be wildly enjoyable.  The other four members of All Aboard are much better musicians than I am, and in my completely biased opinion we sound pretty good.  We're playing a cover of the Newsboys cover of Daniel Bashta's "Like a Lion (God's not Dead)" and then an original song by our lead guitarist/vocalist, CJ Hock.  Evidently the voting is some combination of the opinions of a couple of judges plus the vote-by-text totals of the audience.  So if you're in the area and the thought of seeing a middle-aged guy in skinny jeans doesn't completely repulse you, stop by the main auditorium tonight.  (bonus points for successfully identifying the guy in the photo, who IMHO is the finest bass guitar player on the planet today. . . though I could only find this picture of him rocking the double bass).


D.C. Cramer said...

Is this going to fill the void of the all philosopher's un-Valentine's Day band you've had for years?

J. B. Stump said...

I keep dreaming about that... Maybe we need another guitar player to pull it off!