Monday, February 20, 2012

Cornerstone Festival

The good folks from JPUSA have asked again if I would be one of the seminar speakers at Cornerstone Music Festival this summer.  The fest has had an important part in my life.  I first went with three friends back in 1988 when it was still held at Grayslake County Fair Grounds.  Since then it moved to its own grounds, out in the middle of nowhere in western Illinois, closest to the thriving metropolis of Bushnell.  We've been taking the family there since the boys were in diapers.  It is certainly the edgiest of the Christian music festivals and draws a crowd that tends to shy away from the big commerical mainstream bands--though ironically, many of those bands got their start at Cornerstone (e.g., P.O.D., Relient K).  Such a crowd makes for interesting audiences at the seminar tents.  This is the third year in a row that I'm speaking there.  This time I'll have two different seminars, each three sessions long.  One of them I'm calling "Can Christian Belief Survive in an Age of Science?"  My short answer to that question is "yes".  Come to the seminar if you'd like the longer answer.  The other session is called, "Philosophy 201: Digging a Little Deeper."  Last year I did a session called "Philosophy 101", so this is building on that one in a sense (though it's not like you have to have successfully passed the first one in order to get in on this one!).  I hope to see some of you there--if not at my seminars, then at least in the mosh pit at Flatfoot 56.

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