Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Book Alert

When we were in northern Michigan for the Ron and Nancy Stump 50 year party, I sauntered into the Horizon Books one morning in lovely downtown Petoskey.  I had a rather strict time limit in the store, so I headed straight for the signs pointing the way to the bargain section down in the basement.  I'll often take a chance on some bargain books, knowing that I'll never read all of them that I buy, but quite often one will surprise me and contribute mightily to my ongoing education.  The bargain pickings were rather slim in that Petoskey basement, but for the prices I couldn't pass up a few interesting titles from the religion/philosophy section:

Larry Witham, The Measure of God: History's Greatest Minds Wrestle with Reconciling Science and Religion.  This is essentially a history of the Gifford Lectures (see short comments about that here).  This probably has the most promise among the new books for being read in its entirety.

Same guy, The Proof of God: The Debate that Shaped Modern Belief.  Turns out that this is a sort of history of the Ontological Argument.  My Aunt Pat should be interested.

Gustav Niebuhr, Beyond Tolerance.  The grandson of the famous theologian H. Richard Nihbuhr (of Christ and Culture fame) writes about interfaith understanding in America.

Jerry Walls, Heaven: The Logic of Eternal Joy.  A friend of mine who wrote this book, then Hell, and soon to be released: Purgatory.

Sian Griffiths, Predictions: 30 Great Minds on the Future.  Short essays on what they think will happen in the future, we'll all be driving flying cars, etc.

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