Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adam and Eve

I let my subscription to Christianity Today run out several months ago.  I wasn't happy that they seemed to interpret traditional orthodox Christianity as falling within very narrow parameters.  But it appears they've done something interesting this month.

I'd like to see what they said about Adam and Eve in the cover story.  Anyone read it and have reactions?  A thoughtful piece about it is here.

This is a topic from which we cannot run and hide.  And we can't answer the question merely by repeating the formulations of previous generations of orthodox Christians.  Maybe they were right, but like every generation, we've got work out the data of revelation in our context.

The evidence for early hominids is overwhelming now.  How do we fit this into our theology?  Of course it comes down to our biblical hermeneutic.  Do we think the Bible is a big book of propositions dropped from the sky?  Or is it the faithful (and authoritative) witness of communities with whom God interacted in a special way?  (I forget the name of the informal fallacy I just committed by making one of the options sound ridiculous.)  What difference does that make for interpreting it?  A pretty big one, I think.

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