Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So the reincarnation of my blog seems to be a lot more just newsy stuff about the family than it is deep reflections on life. And by the comments and readership stats, it appears that the blogging public preferred the old format...

Nevertheless, I'm going keep the new way going for at least another entry. Our middle son, Trevor, plays on a xylophone team at his fifth grade. The coach for the team is the principal tympanist for the South Bend Symphony. Last weekend the team got to play at a fancy reception and then in the lobby prior to the symphony.

Also notable is the fact that the symphony performance was the special 75 year Gala celebration for the SBSO. And for the occasion, they brought symphonic superstar, Hillary Hahn to town. Here is a picture of her with Bethel math professor Rob Myers (and his wife Michelle)--no slouch himself at the violin.

Good times had by all.

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