Monday, July 9, 2007

Easing and Blogging

Well, I'm back from 2 weeks of vacation just in time to jet off to Portland, Oregon tomorrow for the big denominational conference. It has been nice to have some time away from the office and do some exciting things. My writing and blogging rhythm has been knocked out of sync, though.

I suppose I'm at a crossroads where I need to decide whether to double down and ingrain the discipline of blogging deep into my DNA, or whether I say, "that was a fun season" and merge back into the analog world.

By the time I get back from Portland, I feel like the summer is gone... it will be time to go hammer down getting ready for a new school year.


Nate Loucks said...

For what it's worth, I enjoy your blog and think you should continue writing.

entirelysimulated said...

Happy JB-day!

Bob Carder said...

Was the conference missional or just business as usual?

I left being empty of mission and strong on denominational bunk!

The conference was not worth the expense in light of the mission before us.

I found myself depressed that the mission was left out.

Who needs to change constitutional wording when souls are lost for eternity?

Not so optimistic!!