Friday, July 13, 2007

1 vs. 100

Well, I'm back from gallivanting around the country. It feels like the summer is over. I have no more trips planned, and it's time to ramp things up for the next school year. I should be sliding back into the rut next week and will attempt to become regular once again at maintaining my digital doppelganger.

The family has been on a partial TV fast for the summer months: no TV at all (including movies and video games) Monday through Thursday. So by Friday evening, everyone is craving some mindless visual stimulation. Tonight we caught the new NBC game show One vs. One Hundred. It is actually pretty fun.

It is a trivia show--mostly about popular culture, but with a few geography, logic, science questions thrown in. The contestant and the "mob" of 100 people (tonight there were janitors, spelling bee winners, and Hooters waitresses in the mob) have to answer questions. If you get one wrong, you're out. The goal is for the contestant to beat everyone in the mob and s/he gets $1million. You can try playing it yourself online here. It is certainly far superior to the totally random Deal or No Deal and Bingo Night in America.

It is a curiosity to me that broadcast TV has become so saturated with game shows. I suppose the most reasonable response to this would be to extend the TV fast to 7 days per week.

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