Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday's Blog about Blogging

In the analysis of my blog traffic by statcounter, it tracks the last 500 page loads. Of these, about half have gone directly to this page. Then, there are the links out there from which people find this blog. Of these, my Facebook Profile page narrowly leads the way over the links on the blog of the very hip Derry Prenkert . Holding a solid third (not that it's a competition) is the blog of one of the very few successful youth ministers who became successful deans: Terry Linhart .

Then there are a couple of other bloggers out there giving the occasional electronic shout out to Stump Speeches: Bob Carder is an old district board buddy now involved in church planting out in the plains somewhere. Find his blog here. And Nate Loucks--my star epistemology student--directs a few folks here from his xanga site.

Today I'm trying to return some love. I can't help wondering if the first people who wrote books on dinosaur skins or chiseled them on rocks passed them around to each other and said, "I'll read yours if you'll read mine."
The web is a wild, wonderful place.


Nate Loucks said...

Shucks. I'm a star epistemology student. But, how can I REALLY know that? Actually, how can YOU really know that?

Crowbard said...

It is a truly wild and wonderful place where souls of a wide diversity of beliefs and experiences can rejoice in their recognition of illuminating flashes of commonality shared generously by loving spirits who unknowingly are thereby building a wider and richer culture where everyone's voice may be heard with equal respect and everyone's experiences may be offered for consideration.
Coo, it don't half make you think.

gwyneth said...

STUMP! i got here via nate...

dude. what IS this world...where professors have regularly-read blogs?

that's kind of awesome.