Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday after Father's Day

We had a lovely Father's Day yesterday. Came home from church and put some steaks on the grill. My family got me a nice sound system for the computer (with subwoofer!). That has me sampling all the music on the computer.

Sampling all the music has me deciding to make it a Monday tradition of easing into the week with something light-hearted (two weeks in a row makes it a tradition!). Traditions need some explaining:

I have a sister who lives in Sao Paulo, Brasil. We were able to go visit her and her family at Christmas time last year. During the 8 or 9 days we were there, we calculated that we spent 30 hours in the car trying to get around the city and to the beaches. During those 30 hours of very close quarters, something had to occupy the kids, so we listened (over and over) to what we called the "Brasil Silly Songs".

Here's another offering from the Brasil Silly Songs Greatest Hits: Cheech the School Bus Driver. (This is high class stuff.)

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