Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday Archives -- Harry Potter

My son has a gadget on his computer that is counting down the days until the next Harry Potter book is out (at the time of this writing: 47 days, 10 hours, 48 minutes).

Here is a piece I wrote for the Bethel Beacon published Nov. 29, 2001--soon after the first movie came out: Harry Potter Review



Anonymous said...

I have that gadget to!

gwyneth said...

yeah. i'm a huge harry potter fan. and...the books got better. the last few were just really, really well done. she's a master at tying up loose ends (admittedly, the end of the deathly hallows is a mite saccharine, but in the "i have a stomachache because the ice cream tasted SO GOOD i had to finish every bite" sort of way.)

anyway, if you read the last installment, perhaps you shall be as delighted as i was...i like to imagine j.k. rowling sitting there saying, "suck on it, knee-jerk christians...i'm going to give you an allegory as good as aslan, if there ever was one!"