Saturday, June 2, 2007

Red Sox - Yankees

So I've been a pretty big Red Sox fan since the spring of 1996 when we moved to Boston so I could go to graduate school. I wasn't really a very big baseball fan at the time, but I walked past Fenway Park almost every day on my way to BU, and there's something that gets in your blood out there.

Then the next season was Nomar Garciaparra's Rookie of the Year season. When my parents were out visiting, we were walking around Faneuil Hall, we bumped into Nomar and his family. He let us get a picture with him (sorry, can't post it here, it was before digital cameras--but the blown up, framed copy is hanging on my wall). After that, our oldest son (who was 4 at the time) started imitating Nomar's batting glove ritual.

When we first moved back to Indiana, we got Directv with the baseball package just so we could see a few games a week (the withdrawals were pretty bad). Needless to say, 2004 was a good year for us, and I was pretty obnoxious about it.

The last couple of years, though, I've significantly reduced the amount of time I spend watching and tracking baseball. And now we not only don't have Directv and the baseball package, we don't even have cable any more. And the first two times that Boston was on Fox Saturday baseball, our local station showed the Cubs.

Today, then, is the first chance I've had to see a Red Sox game on TV. It's June. Red Sox are in first place. Yankees are in last (or close to it). They're playing each other on TV. I'm watching it. Pull out the Yankee Hater hat. Life is good.

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Rob said...

If that cap's real, I'm SOOOOOO getting one.