Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Book Alert

Besides editing the Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity, I also wrote a chapter for it called "Natural Theology after Modernism."  The contributors to a volume like this benefit financially even less than the editors do.  They each receive a copy of the finished volume, and then $200 worth of books from Blackwell's book list.  I just received my shipment of them.

For such an occasion I usually take a few chances on some books or get some things that I wouldn't otherwise pay for.  Here's what I got:

World Philosophies: An Historical Introduction, by David E. Cooper.  A sweeping overview of the major systems of philosophy throughout world history, including significant representation of non-Western schools of thought.

The Classics of Western Philosophy, edited by Jorge Gracia, Gregory Reichberg, and Bernard Schumacher.  I'm a sucker for books like this.  It is not an anthology of primary sources, but a collection of original essays about the classic works.

The Meaning of Theism, edited by John Cottingham.  A collection of essays from a special edition of the journal Ratio.

A Brief History of Analytic Philosophy from Russell to Rawls, by Stephen P. Schwartz.  An aptly named book; it does what it advertises.

A Brief History of Spirituality, by Philip Sheldrake.  A survey of Christian spiritual writing from the New Testament through Thomas Merton.

Then I bought two other books this week, and it may seem kind of funny that they were two copies of my own book, Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction.  I like to keep a few of these around to peddle to others.  As the author, they gave me 10 or so to start with, but now I have to pay 40% of the list price to get additional copies.  The bookstore at my institution was having a 50% sale this week because they are expanding the store (and, I guess, trying to get rid of their stock?).  So I could get them cheaper there.

Welcome to the family!

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Micah said...

I recently acquired a copy of Blackwell's Analytic Philosophy: An Anthology, 2nd edition. It seems like this would be a good companion to the analytic philosophy text you received. It has so many great papers in it.