Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Barred Owl Part II

Full Disclosure:  The picture from yesterday's post was not my own picture.  I scammed it off the web.

But the good news is that the owl came back later in the afternoon, and my good wife went out with the video camera.  It was in a tree a little further from the house, but you can still get the picture.  So here is the actual footage of our owl (whom I'm naming "Jonny" in honor of the comment made on the Facebook posting of yesterday's entry).  In the background, you can hear the robins voicing their discontent.

Video number two has some better shots of the bird, but there was a lawnmower going, disturbing the peace.  So son #3 took the footage and gave it an appropriate soundtrack (linking to his YouTube Channel called 316Conmanify):