Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sporting Woes

We're fairly big sports fans in our house.  There are three teams (I mean beyond the local sort that my kids play on or those are housed at my institution) that I "follow":  The Boston Red Sox; Notre Dame football; and the US Soccer team.

The Red Sox lost a series to the Yankees this week and got shut out by the Rangers last night, but they are undoubtedly headed to the playoffs.  So we'll see how that goes.

I stayed up until 1am last night (this morning) to watch the US national team lose to Costa Rica.  Our new coach is supposed to be inspiring confidence and bringing us to a new era.  And for much of the first half we looked really good.  But you win by scoring goals, not by looking good.  I went to brush my teeth at one point in the second half, and when I came back Costa Rica had scored.

And then today, Notre Dame was about as disastrous as possible.  Coach Kelly is going to be saying Hail Mary's all week to atone for the language he used screaming at his team for everything that went wrong.  There is some potential there, but very little execution.


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D.C. Cramer said...

You should join us down here in Waco, where the football is exciting and the Bears are winning!