Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Periodically Speaking

I enjoy periodicals. Rarely do I read them all the way through. But I'll usually spend five minutes flipping through one when it comes in, and mark for the later the articles I want to read more in depth (or sometimes tear them out and send them to others).

One of the perks of the VP job has been lots of periodicals that are either sent my way for free or paid for out of some mysterious account. As I transition out of the job and lose the mysterious account, I'm going to have to decide which ones I'll pony up for. Here's the current line-up that comes across my desk (in no particular order):

Christianity Today
The Christian Century
Books and Culture
First Things
Chronicle of Higher Education
Historically Speaking
New York Review of Books

Any feedback on which one you think should be the keepers?


gwyneth said...

did you read that article on christian faculty members in the last chronicle? i saw it through the plastic as i was putting it in my boss's mailbox...i was intrigued, but i forgot to ask her if i could read the rest of it.

Goatcabin said...

My favorite of those listed is Books & Culture. (I like CT, too, but they are much better about posting their articles online.)

D.C. Cramer said...

I agree with the goat.