Saturday, May 17, 2008


I started running more regularly last June, and that's when I started keeping a running log. With today's six mile run, I went over the 500 mile mark.

It also makes two days and twenty-one hours worth of running in the past year. Physical exercise is certainly a spiritual discipline for me (part of that whole "beating my body and making it my slave" thing). I wonder, though, if I've prayed for two days and twenty-hours in the past year?

Something seems wrong to me about keeping a prayer log in terms of the number of minutes prayed per day. Lots of people keep a prayer journal, though. Is that the same sort of thing? More qualitative than quantitative, I suppose.

Can we push the comparison further? One of the big things in getting more effective in running is just logging lots of miles. It doesn't really matter how fast; your body "remembers" the miles and benefits from them when you try to run more seriously. I pray the Lord's prayer just about every day. Does that do anything analogous? Does the regular habit of praying somehow make my prayers more effective?

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