Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Running and Pharisees

We had a little mini-vacation last weekend, and one of the stops was at an outlet mall. I took a couple of the boys to an arcade and gave them each two dollars to blow while Chris did a bit of shopping. Then I sauntered over to the Nike outlet store (because there weren't any bookstores) and stumbled into a whole bunch of nice running gear for cheap.

I promise not to turn this into a running blog, but will venture one more for now:
Two things that have been interesting motivating factors for me during this last 8 months' renaissance of running in my life: good running gear (nice shoes, hi-tech moisture wisking shirts, etc.) and an on-line running log. The log, which as I mentioned is linked to the sidebar of this blog, has been particularly important. I really like keeping track of how far I've run and how long it took me. This particular log has the capability of during a google map of your routes that show distance and elevation (from our house to the river, there is a 175ft drop in elevation). You can track how many miles a particular pair of running shoes has on them, what the temperature was during your run, your weight and heart rate, etc. It is to the point that until I log a run and then check the various graphs that can be generated to see totals and comparisons and so on, it doesn't really count as a run.

I suppose that I lean pretty heavily toward performance and results. I can't help but see where a particular run stacks up with the other runs of that particular course (even if I'm not trying to run for speed). I just like to know. Does that make me a competitive person? I probably would have made a pretty good Pharisee.

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Terry Linhart said...

That was a title that I had to read. There's more here on "Phariseeic" approaches to running and performance. Even church leadership and ecclesiology too!