Friday, April 25, 2008

Bethel Alum makes it to the Show

Big news yesterday for all of you who are Red Sox fans and somehow attached to Bethel. One of our alums made it to the big leagues. Justin Masterson was drafted in the second round a couple of years ago and has been dominating AA ball. With Dice-K and Beckett ailing on the mother team, they needed some help, and Justin got the call.

He pitched six innings at Fenway against the Angels, giving up only two hits and one run. In my office at school I had purchased the internet broadcast for my computer, and at different times there was a Dean, the Director of Financial Aid, another VP, a Board of Trustees member, and the President in checking on the progress. Lots of fun (too bad the bullpen blew the win for Justin!).

Pictured here is the ball Justin signed for me. It sits on the shelf next to my autographed balls by Bob Gibson and Phil Niekro (no pressure, Justin).

When I got home, in the mail my official membership materials had come from Red Sox Nation. I'm no fair weather fan, and it's even more exciting to be a big fan of a team when someone you know is playing with them.

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gwyneth said...

really? awesome!

my goal this summer is to make it to fenway. i went to a seadogs game a month or so, but i was with some silly girls who didn't understand the rules...