Monday, March 31, 2008

Signs and Wonders

Les Beauchamp is back in the house at Bethel this week. He has been a Spiritual Emphasis Week speaker four times over the past twenty years, and it just so happens that they have coincided perfectly with the times that I have been a part of the community. I'm not entirely certain of this, but I think that I have been to every one of the chapels he's spoken at (which would be 29 of them counting today's). There's something about him...

I convinced my son Casey to come with me tonight to see the service. On the way there I told him that it felt to me like it must have felt in the Bible days when John the Baptist was around (I won't go so far as to compare him to Jesus) when some father said to his son, "you've got to see this crazy preacher out by the river. Let's go out and see what happens."

I guess part of the draw is that the supernatural follows Les around. He used this phrase tonight that comes from Celtic Christianity: thin. "Thin" was used to describe places where the boundary between the natural and the supernatural is very thin--where the two pass over into each other. It's not the kooky TV preacher kind of stuff; but you get the sense that it is authentic Holy Spirit activity that we too rarely experience.

Everyone wants a sign. We'd all like to see a show. I guess there's some connection to my previous posts here. What role does the Spirit play today? I live in a pretty rational world.

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