Monday, August 20, 2007

New Year

Those of us in the academic profession feel that new year's day should be sometime in late August. That is the new beginning for us, when all things are made fresh. I have a good deal of responsibility with the the prelude to the new year--think of it as organizing the New Year's Eve party.

We had our new faculty on campus today after a meal at the president's house Sunday night. Lots of fun. Tomorrow starts the full faculty retreat. I have a pretty big speech/talk/sermon (I'm never sure what to call them) to give on Wednesday night. The theme will be the purposes of God in our generation which might be served by the Christian college.

Across my banner at the top, the first descriptor is education. This blog has been rather thin on that topic so far. I'll see if I can't do something about that in the future. I need to dig in now to this speech/talk/sermon. If you're inclined to such things, I'd appreciate your prayers; if you're not inclined... fight the inclination and give it a try. I'm pretty sure it won't hurt you.

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erdelm said...

I remember when I came for a preview day you gave a talk on the aims of education, comparing a recent address given at the University of Chicago with a Christian treatment of the topic. Later that day I told my dad I thought that would be one of the greatest talks I would hear while at Bethel because of the expansiveness of the idea, that the good of education is only lasting in connection with the kingdom. Out of all the talks and sermons and lectures I have heard, that one I still think is crucial for Bethel. I'm glad to hear a similar (at least I think) message is again being proclaimed.