Sunday, June 24, 2007

IPOD Shuffle

I'm sitting out on the deck on a Sunday morning, having done Saturday night church last night because of a family reunion later today (I think I could really get into the Saturday church thing--Sunday feels so much more like a day of rest... perhaps a later post on this). Anyway, I'm cruising through some blog posts, and see this thing going around where you're asked to put your Ipod on shuffle and write down the first fifteen songs that come up. I suppose this tells something about you. I was "tagged" do so from the blog of Tom Carpenter (aka, the Tom).

A couple of qualifications before my list. 1. I don't own an Ipod. A year and a half ago for our 15th wedding anniversary, my wife and I decided to go out together and collaborate on getting gifts for each other. She got a piece of jewelry; I got a Philips Go Gear MP3, because it held way more than an Ipod for the same money (though I feel now like my neighbor back in the 80s who got a Beta machine rather than a VHS). 2. I'm not sure how representative my list from this device will be; I don't have all my music on there, and I'm a little nervous what it might reveal about me... I'm fighting all sorts of urges to "manufacture" a random list--but that sort of thing belongs on RCP's blog. So, once I figure out how to do the shuffle, here's the list:

  1. "Wikki Tikki" Lost Dogs, Island Dreams
  2. "Be My Escape" Relient K, Mmhmm
  3. "The Winds" At the Foot of the Cross Vol. II, The Seven Last Words of Christ
  4. "Bhagavad Gita" Prof. J. Rufus Fears, Books That Have Made History
  5. "How Deep the Father's Love" Bethel Chapel Band, More Than Enough
  6. "Sleeping In" The Postal Service, Give Up
  7. "Roots in Stereo" P.O.D., Testify (see photo below)
  8. "Kissers and Killers" The Choir, Speckled Bird
  9. "Play it Loud" MxPx, Before Everything & After
  10. "Moondance" Nightnoise, The Whitehorse Sessions
  11. "Skin is Burning" Burlap to Cashmere, Anybody Out There?
  12. "Where Travelers Meet" Phil Keaggy, The Wind and the Wheat
  13. "Allegro Assai" City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven Symphony No. 9
  14. "Casino" Acoustic Alchemy, Arcanum
  15. "Chitarra Romana" The Three Tenors, The Best of the Three Tenors

OK, I feel a little better. There are actually a bunch of lectures on my player that I listen to when I run and travel (things from the Teaching Company, and other places). I was nervous that I was going to be shown for the geek that I am. As it is, I got a nice random mix of the kinds of tunes that warm me up for Cornerstone this week. (I hear the 3 tenors might be a surprise act to appear!). In this vein, the MP3 is still running while I type this, and #16 is "Firefly" by Over the Rhine on Drunkard's Prayer.

That's my list, that's my life.

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