Thursday, June 28, 2007


Day 1 at Cornerstone is in the books. We made 300 mile trip without incident, but our preferred campsite was occupied when we got here. We sacrificed level ground for shade. When we got up this morning, everyone was in one corner of the tent.

We thought it might storm last evening, but the worst of it missed us. A gust of wind blew down our screened gazebo right on top of me. It is drizzling this morning.

We saw a very cool concert by The Crossing - the Celtic band from JPUSA. Then David Crowder Band was on the mainstage and gave essentially the same show as last year, but still inspiring. Then Trevor and skipped out on Toby Mac to go see Glenn Kaiser. The old guy can still play the blues.

The real reason everyone comes to cornerstone begins today:  the seminars.

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