Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cornerstone Hangover

We decided to skip out on the final evening of C-stone and pack up and head for home. As I type this entry on my Blackberry, we're stuck in traffic on I-80 with the Chicago skyline in the distance. Evidently there is an accident up in the distance somewhere.

It's interesting how after seeing a bunch of bands, some move up your ranking and others go down. Last night Switchfoot definitely went up. It was a great show (all live music instead of lots of pre-recorded tracks like the trend seemed to be) and they seemed very humble - again contrary to the trend.

I'm afraid, though, that one of my all-time favs, The Lost Dogs, dropped a bit. Perhaps it was because it was a midnight show, and we were dead tired after several days, but their show seems to be devolving into a burlesque show with a little music tossed in occassionally.

Tonight was a bunch of screamers on the mainstage, so we decided to shake the dust off our shoes (literally) and get home a day early to nurse the inevitable hangover caused by such an event.

At the rate the traffic is moving, though, it may be another night sleeping in a non-horizontal position.


RCP said...

It must have been ten years ago when I saw a Lost Dogs concert at Cornerstone where I felt exactly the same way. Terry Taylor missed a flight or something and didn't even make it, but they went on with the show, such as it was. Mike Roe couldn't remember half the lyrics Taylor typically sang, so show ended up being pathetically sad or really funny. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because I can't imagine they get paid much to do what they do.

Anonymous said...

NiCe writing & interesting too.

I am a long time Lost Dogs Fan
& I too get tired of some of the banter & sillines... but then they do it well.


stop by the message boards again when you get a chance.