Friday, May 4, 2007

Garage Sale

Big neighborhood garage sale tomorrow. Time to off-load some of the earthly treasures we've been storing up. Or perhaps it is better described as tearing down our barns to make room for new and improved bigger ones...

Our attachment to things is probably not very healthy. Stuff becomes such a clutter both physically and spiritually. I've been amazed by the growth of the storage rental business over the past two decades. How much more stuff can we accumulate? What does this do to us? When our son, Casey, was 5 years old, he and I were driving somewhere and out of the blue he said, "Dad, why is it when you first get a new toy it's really fun, but then after awhile it's not that great anymore?" From the mouths of babes... He hadn't yet been so corrupted by our culture's obsession with consumer goods, and could still see the truth of the situation.

One of our faculty members has to move to a dry climate because of family allergies. In doing so they are selling about all of their possessions here and moving with only a van. It would probably be good for all of us to shed most of our things every once in a while to keep things in perspective. The discipline of simplicity is almost non-existent in America. It would be so good for us to live without so much stuff. But that stuff is really pretty fun--for awhile.

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