Monday, April 30, 2007

Christian Higher Ed

During the past two days, I was privileged to announce the names of just over 500 students (minus the few who didn't show) who graduated from Bethel. We had beautiful weather in Northern Indiana for the ceremonies, and good times were had by all.

Of course I get all reflective on such an occasion. Many of the students walking across the stage were so great to have as students. We're very proud of the kind of people they've become. And there were a few of the others... I like the metaphor of the gardener or farmer for education. We're beyond the days of indoctrination and forcing students to adhere to sets of dogma (both religiously and disciplinarily); but there is a desired outcome, the kind of crop we're trying to raise. And so we aim to create the kind of conditions where that particular sort of crop flourishes. Using this kind of approach, there will be the rogue weed that sneaks through. But also our crop of graduates is healthier for having genuinely come to own the values rather than us force-feeding them.

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